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personal goal -> MET

I decided that since I’m turning 30 this year (shudders), I would use this milestone as a date to work towards in terms of bettering myself. Mainly in the realm of working out. I work best in this area when I have goal dates to work towards. Sad, but true. I know myself, trust me. It’s not about a specific weight loss number so much as trying to make it a habit and just feeling better about myself. I set a goal that I would try my hardest to work out as much as possible. I managed, for the entire month of August, to work out every single weekday. MIRACLE! I think the routine of it is sticking. Because now I almost want to. Almost. I still maintain that working out is indeed work. I have a friend who says that I just need to find a form of exercise that I like, then working out will be fun. Working out isn’t supposed to be fun. Or… won’t ever be for me anyhow. I just don’t see myself as thinking of a fun afternoon as sweating profusely rather than something like sipping cocktails while watching cheesy 80s movies in my comfy clothes. I’m sorry, I will choose the latter almost every time. HOWEVER, I do realize the necessity of bettering one’s self. Jillian Michaels has made me work out. I yell at her, I swear at her, I sweat lots and often feel like I’m going to die… but, I can see changes. I can be an impatient person sometimes, so after a month or so of doing this exercise thing, I didn’t see major results, so I got mad, but continued to do it. Just this week, I’ve noticed some differences. They’re not probably big to anyone else, but when I can wear certain shirts comfortably without one of those slimming thingies underneath, I consider that a triumph. And, I just in general feel better. I’ve done exercise before. I’ve yo-yoed up and down and all that junk that MOST of us have done. But the 5 out of 7 days working out thing is a new one for me. PLUS… it gives me a bit more permission to not be such a scrooge when it comes to foods I want but won’t allow myself. WIN. I have 3 ish months until the birthday. I’m hoping to maintain this new bizarre behavior of mine, without going crazy in the meantime. I’ve seen these sorts of people who run for fun, or who are exercise adrenaline junkies… they seem a little unstable to me!


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birds are best kept at a distance in my opinion

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mushrooms @ the foodbank

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my mom’s ‘antique’ pink glass necklace

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There’s no sun today, so I’m using a photo of some sun shining on stuff instead. I took this at Salt Creek Park during a camping trip.

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