musings of a malcontent

seattle native, teacher w/out a classroom, bookkeeper, drinker of coffee and red wine, a constant work in progress

a smile so genuine

a renewed sense of happy washed over me. there are days we just need to smile, from the inside out. and these days often we simply can’t bring ourselves to ask for that hug, that kind word or that gesture of nicety. so when something makes us smile that smile so genuine and felt down to our soul, it’s a good sort of day. a text, a phone call, a postcard, a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘I miss you’ is all that it takes. it’s nice to be thought of, as basic and weird sounding as that is. a lifetime spent fondly thinking of someone, wishing for someone, praying for someone, hoping in someone, investing in someone, loving someone. it’s just nice to know others do the same for us and we revert to that place in time when you came home after school one day and told your mom, “they really do like me!”


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